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Cartoons for talking about “What is Participation? What is it not?”

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As part of the Young Voices Project, we organize child participation trainings and develop training programs. Although the child’s right to participate is one of the four fundamental principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, adults and decision-makers have difficulties in putting this right into practice. One of the most important obstacles in this case is adults’ child perception and their communication with children. We use the YOL Animation Movie in training to get past this obstacle and to help adults reflect on their own practices.

Another obstacle to the realization of child participation is the confusion about how meaningful child participation can be realized. In other words, in order to realize child participation in a meaningful way, first we need to know what child participation is not and what it is. In order to discuss this with the participants during the training, we designed a set of caricatures as part of the Young Voices project. 

What are there in the Cartoons?

The cartoons were designed to make it easier for the participants to talk about misapplications or shortcomings regarding participation. They were inspired by the situations we have observed, heard from children and shared in training so far. 

To give an example from the cartoons; the cartoon on the above is one of the common examples of child participation. It was created to think about and discuss situations such as expecting one child to represent all children, selecting children for participation, or adults who are deciding on the selection process.

How can we discuss with the cartoons?

During the training, we share the cartoons with the participants and ask: “What do you see here? What kind of participation do you think there is? Can you remember any examples of such participation?” Generally, the discussions on the cartoons lead to insights that provide a framework for what meaningful child participation might look like. While designing and discussing the cartoons, we refered on the following sources:

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child General Comment 12, Principles for Child Participation

Roger Hart Ladder of Participation

– Laura Lundy Child Participation Model

Can I use the cartoons in my trainings?

This set of cartoons is freely available to those who would like to conduct trainings on child participation. You can download the activity guide on how to use the cartoons here. And also you can reach the pdf size of cartoons right here.