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How can the animation movie “YOL” help when discussing child participation with adults?

Yazar: 10 Nisan 2023Mayıs 3rd, 2023Yorum bulunmadı.

Hedef Kitle: Ages 9+

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Why did we produce this movie?

We produced the movie “YOL” to help adults to recognize their attitudes towards children, reflect on their daily practices and discover what they can do to transform their own attitudes. For detailed information about the movie, you can read our blog post and the interview with the team of BİLGİ Child Studies Unit. 

What kind of activities can be carried out with this movie?

This movie can be used in trainings on child rights, child participation, child perception and human rights for different groups of adults such as parents, teachers, and civil society employees. 

During the trainings, watch the movie with the participants and ask “What do you see here?” “Can you think of some behaviors in daily life that can be an example of the attitudes in the movie?” Through these questions, we try to reflect on our daily practices, question them and talk about how they can be transformed. 

Can I use this movie in my trainings?

This movie is available free of charge for those who want to conduct training activities on child participation. You can download the activity guide on how you can use the movie.

Click here to watch the movie.

Click here to watch the audio-described version of the movie. 

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or to share your experience.